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Tackling poverty and injustice in the Middle East

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Lent appeal launched

Join the Superhero fun-run

Request an Abilities Auction fundraising pack

At Embrace, we believe everyone has the ability to do something for someone, so we've created the Abilities Auction Fundraising Pack to help church families use their gifts and talents to raise money for our vital work.

Inside this free pack, you'll find everything you need to run an Abilities Auction or Fair. Suitable for people of all ages and all abilities to get involved simply make pledges and then sell/auction them! We've created flyers, posters, pledge pads and more including ideas for pledges and leaflets.

    Join us this June for our first Embrace retreat weekend to be held in Scotland. It will take place in the heart of the Trossachs, providing a peaceful and inspiring backdrop to a weekend of prayer, reflection and praise....

  Join us this October to support Palestinian farmers and their families by helping them to bring in their crops. As well as helping with the harvest we will immerse you in Palestinian life and bring you face to face with...

EEHB17 - The Real Easter Egg - Egg hunt box

Each box contains a copy of the Easter story book, plus one gold and five blue...

Olive Tree Registration

Register your tree and get a planting certificate and receive email updates on the Olive Tree Project.

Planting season begins in February and can last for a few months depending on project logistics, weather and political factors.

  • If your registration card has the reference code OTP17, this refers to trees which are planted in Spring 2017 and for which planting certificates are sent out from June 2017.  
  • Reference code OTP18 refers to trees which are planted in Spring 2018 and for which planting certificates are sent out from June 2018.


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