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Please give today and help Embrace give hope, health and a future to more families in Gaza. Thank you.

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Your money provides:

  • £17: Medicines to treat anaemia and malnutrition
  • £45: A day's social worker family support
  • £92: 100 litres of fuel
  • £175: A week's nursing support at a well-baby clinic
  • £883: Trains a team of outreach workers

Give Gaza a future

Three years on from the devastating conflict in Gaza, we are calling on Embrace supporters to join us to put pressure on Israel to end the blockade.

Sign a petition urging world leaders to end the blockade.




Why give?: Gaza stories

'Please keep telling our story. We want people to know how hard life for us is in Gaza.'

Read stories from people of Gaza who want you to hear their voices




Photo credit: Paul Jeffrey

Against the odds: the situation in Gaza

The Gaza Strip, situated between Israel and Egypt on the Mediterranean coast, is just 25 miles long and 6 miles wide, but it is home to 1.8 million Palestinians, just 1200 of whom are Christians.

Find out why we have launched our appeal to support our Christian brothers and sisters in their work in Gaza.

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Fundraise for Gaza

Ideas to help you raise money to help Christians in Gaza and all the people they serve.




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Photo credit: Paul JeffreyGaza in numbers

96% of water in Gaza is undrinkable
70% of people live below the poverty line
55% of displaced people say their chidren have no place to play


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Photo credit: Paul JeffreyPray for Gaza

Prayers, reflections and more to help you bring Gaza to God in prayer.



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Photo credit: Paul JeffreyBecome a futuremaker

Join our community of futuremakers today and bring hope and a future to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the Middle East. - See more at:

Join our community of regular givers today and bring lasting change to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the Middle East.



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