We are proud to support a number of healthcare institutions across the Middle East. The testimonies below provide a snapshot of some of the work we're involved in.

Give today and bring essential healthcare to those in need

Treating the most vulnerable in Cairo

Surgery taking placeA young Somali came to the Refuge Egypt clinic with swelling on the left side of his face, forcing his left eye to close. Investigations showed deep erosion of the bones in his face, extending to his optic nerve and meaning he could be in danger of losing his vision. We looked at his medical history and suspected extra pulmonary tuberculosis. Once the diagnosis was established, we immediately started treatment and, thanks to God, there was a dramatic response. Each time the young man visited, his left eye had opened more. He has now been discharged from our anti-tuberculosis programme and his face is completely back to normal. His vision is good and his eye has been saved.


Supporting children with disabilties in the West Bank

Rehabilitation at the Princess Basma CentreGhaith is a five-year-old boy from the Nablus area, who was diagnosed with Freeman Sheldon Hall Syndrome at birth. His parents are cousins and the disease is genetic and runs in families.

Ghaith has difficulty walking and balancing. He also has weakness in his arms and severe problems in his fingers, which makes it very difficult for him to perform any of his daily living activities. He also has a speech impediment and some mental disability.

Ghaith was referred to the Princess Basma Centre after being assessed by an outreach team at one of the intermediate level clinics in Nablus. He took part in a comprehensive, 3-week rehabilitation programme at the centre, which aimed at improving his walking, his balance, his fine motor abilities and preventing further deformities to his upper and lower limbs. His mother was also admitted and participated actively in the mothers’ empowerment project.  This involved education about the disability and training to help her to cope with the disability at home – thus making her an equal partner in the rehabilitation process.

Give today and bring essential healthcare to those in need