Sow your seeds of change with us direct

We’re delighted you want to sow seeds of change with us to help Egyptian families living in poverty grow new, life-giving futures this Harvest. And to see the photos of the Seed prayer cards being received by our partner, Anafora when we start to share these in December.

There are three ways you can get involved with growing new, hope-filled futures:

1. Sow prayerful seeds

If you haven’t done this already at church, and you want to join in… simply print off a Seed prayer card and fill it in with your prayer for Egypt, our partners or the people they are helping.
(See our Growing new futures PowerPoint presentation if you need a recap on our Harvest story to inspire your prayers.)
Then send it back to us in the post.

2. Sow practical seeds

Click here if you’d like to give an online donation to support our partners in Egypt.

If you do – thank you! Please choose to ‘Give a single gift’ and then fill in ‘sow seeds of change with us’ in the box where you’re asked what it’s for. That way we can make sure it gets sown directly into Egypt.

It can cost as little as £37 to give an initial starter-loan to an enterprising individual in difficult circumstances in rural Egypt. With this seed money in hand they can begin to grow a new business to support their family. From bread-making to shop-keeping to hairdressing to crafting lintels and stucco for houses … all sorts of life-giving futures can start to blossom. So imagine how many people can be helped if lots of churches can give even just a little mount this Harvest.

3. Watch new harvests grow!

If you want to hear about hope unfurling all across the Middle East, sign up here to keep in touch with Embrace.