Shams el Birr

Learning to weave at Shams el Birr
Where are they?: 

6 October City, on the edge of Cairo.

What do they do?: 

Provide children and adults with disabilities the opportunity of an education and the chance to lead independent lives.

Who benefits?: 

Approximately 80 children with a range of disabilities including hearing and vision impairments, and cerebral palsy. Around 200 adults a year complete their voncational training courses.


The children living at the centre receive rehabilitative therapies, medical care and educational support. Where possible, the children are integrated into mainstream schools or schools delivering special education. 

Children with cerebral palsy can live at a residence where they receive rehabilitation, physiotherapy and medical care.

Adults with disabilities are referred to the centre to complete vocational training courses in skills like carpentry, weaving sewing and packing.