Refuge Egypt

Health clinic run by Refuge Egypt
Where are they?: 

Cairo and Alexandria

What do they do?: 

This project seeks to provide for the urgent needs of one of the poorest, most exploited and vulnerable communities in Cairo: refugees. It seeks to improve their lives through providing short term (eg food, clothing) and long-term (eg training, education) needs.

Refuge Egypt is a Christian organisation that provides on-going support and assistance to refugees, regardless of their religion or background, aiming to provide effective and durable solutions.

Who benefits?: 

Refugees of all ages.


Refuge Egypt gives advice to asylum-seekers and helps them with their applications to the UNHCR. They also run a language and culture training programme, and an employment office helps them find jobs.

Refugees find it very hard to access healthcare, so Refuge Egypt run four health clinic. They focus on antenatal care and under 5's health but they also help anyone who is generally unwell. The clinics are located in areas where refugees live making them easily accessible.