Princess Basma Centre

Where are they?: 

Mount of Olives, East Jerusalem

What do they do?: 

Create individual rehabilitation programmes for children and support and training for their families. The impact of the children's improvement is fighting stigma across the region.

Who benefits?: 

Around 30 children can stay at the centre at any one time. Hundreds are helped each year.


The centre offers a full range of rehabilitation services, from physiotherapy, play therapy and occupational therapy, to hydrotherapy and special education. An orthopaedic doctor holds a weekly clinic at the Centre. A mobile dental unit and St John Eye Hospital provide free dental checks and eye tests.

The centre aims to integrate each child into their community. It also runs a school for children up to the age of 16, which teaches physically disabled and deaf children alongside non-disabled children. Older children and vulnerable adults are taught and employed to make crafts such as basket making, knitting, embroidery and weaving in the Vocational Training Department.

There is a very well-equipped workshop where technicians make braces, artificial limbs, crutches and special boots for the children staying at the centre, as well as for outpatients across the country.