Near East Council of Churches (NECC)

Where are they?: 


What do they do?: 

Humanitarian work and health care to support Palestinian refugees in Gaza.

Who benefits?: 

Palestinians living in Gaza particularly disadvantaged youth, women, chidren and other vulnerable communities.



Well-baby clinics

Well-baby clinics are ensuring children recover from anaemia and malnutrition in a deteriorating humanitarian environment.

Unlike in most countries, the infant mortality rate in Gaza isn’t reducing; in fact UNRWA reported that it increased in 2015 for the first time in decades.

The Well-baby clinics saw a large increase in the number of babies treated after the 2014 conflict; although malnutrition rates in the clinics were similar to the previous year, there was a greater incidence of anaemia.

Over 12,000 babies were screened in three clinics (an increase of 2,000 on 2014), 11% of whom were then enrolled in follow-up malnutrition or anaemia treatment programmes.

Thousands of children are provided with medication or nutritional supplements. The project sees anaemic children, malnourished and/or stunted children fully recover and reach expected development milestones.

The well baby clinics improve children’s’ health and promotes their recovery from nutritional disorders which affect long term motor and intellectual development. Interventions targeting child nutrition therefore affect not only the individual but wider societal development in terms of educational attainment, workforce skills and productivity.