Learning Centre for the Deaf

Where are they?: 


What do they do?: 

A Beirut-based centre for deaf young people and their families.

Who benefits?: 

The Early Intervention Programme benefits deaf children from 0-6yrs and their families. 

The High School programme helps to bridge the educational gap for hearing impaired teenagers enabling them to complete their secondary education and access further education which would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Learning Centre for the Deaf also advocate nationally for the rights of the deaf.


The Early Intervention Programme works with young deaf children and their families as they adjust to life with a disability.

Alongside speech and language therapy the early interventionists provide advice and guidance for the parents as they navigate through medical and educational decisions for their child.

The High School programme is the only one of its kind in Lebanon. Deaf Schools only provide vocational training for students aged 14+ and so the High School Programme provides academic education and enables deaf young people to access University.

The centre also advocates for the rights and opportunities of deaf people. Current campaigns include changing driving laws so that deaf people can get a licence, calling for deaf schools to be registered as educational facilities rather than social institutions, and including early detection of hearing loss in child health plans.