JCC (Joint Christian Committee for Social Service)

Where are they?: 

In Palestinian refugee camps throughout the country

What do they do?: 

Education and vocational training for Palestinian and other refugees.

Who benefits?: 

Palestinian and Syrian refugees.


Embrace supports projects in two of the refugee camps where JCC works, in Sabra and Dbayeh refugee camps.

JCC runs vocational training sessions for women, men and young people, a kindergarten, a library, a centre for children with learning difficulties and academic classes for vulnerable adolescents who no longer attend school. 

Your donations have also helped build an indoor sports facility where young people meet in a safe place and use their energy in a positive way and the refurbishment of the community centre to ensure learning can take place in a stable, safe environment. The same building is used as a meeting place for older members of the community, who can no longer work and are prone to loneliness.