Harpur Memorial Hospital

Surgery in progress at Harpur Memorial Hospital
Where are they?: 


What do they do?: 

Serve the community by providing much-needed health care to all people regardless of their social, economic or religious status. 

This is a project of The Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa & the Horn of Africa.

Who benefits?: 

The hospital treats over 120,000 people a year from across the Delta Region, over 95% of which are Muslims.


Harpur Memorial Hospital has served the people of Menouf and the surrounding areas since 1910. Menouf is a rural centre in the Nile Delta, located 75 kilometres north-west of Cairo. Today, the hospital provides quality and affordable medical care to all, and even provides subsidies for patients who cannot afford the needed medical treatment. Children receive free immunisations and check-ups.

Embrace is supporting the hospital to start a nursing school, as many of the nurses working at the hospital do not have any formal training. Having trained nurses will improve the quality of care provided by the hospital and increase their capacity to serve even more people as trained nurses will be able to take some of the more basic medical tasks from the Doctors.