Habitat for Humanity, Egypt

Group of boys whose families are being helped by Habitat for Humanity
Where are they?: 

Based in Cairo, working across Egypt.

What do they do?: 

Through community based organisations, they provide resources for home improvements and to build new homes for the most vulnerable.

Who benefits?: 

Adults and children living below the poverty line, and those classed as 'ultra-poor'  who are barely able to mee their own basic needs and are unable to access affordable finance to improve their homes.


Habitat for Humanity, Egypt provide support through microloans, training, technical support and supervision to community based organisations (CBO) who work directly with homeowners.

By partnering with CBOs, they can make best use of local knowledge and resources. Habitat Egypt's partners are located primarily south of Cairo (in Upper Egypt) in the Beni Suef and El Minya Governorates.