Caritas Jerusalem

Where are they?: 

Based in Jerusalem, operating throughout the West Bank and Gaza.

What do they do?: 

Inspired by the example of Christian faith and Catholic Social Teaching, Caritas promotes sustainable and just lives.

Who benefits?: 

Poor, marginalised and underprivileged people throughout the West Bank and Gaza.


Caritas Jerusalem offers healthcare, job creation and development, microcredit, social services, youth services, advocacy and emergency response through a comprehensive range of projects and centres. 

They aim to help Palestinian people realise their full potential, especially vulnerable members of society such as women and rural communities. One project includes training 400 women from the Bethlehem area in sewing techniques, embroidery and design. 

Taybeh Health Center provides health services for a population of 18,000 in Taybeh and the surrounding villages. The health centre’s medical team treats about 500 patients a month. An entire floor is dedicated to health education and psychosocial care for children.
We've made a short video with Father Raed, former Director of Caritas Jerusalem, speaking about the Taybeh Health Centre. Watch it now!

Caritas Health Centre, Taybeh