Literacy project - BLESS
Where are they?: 

Based in Cairo, operating throughout Egypt.

What do they do?: 

BLESS stands for the Coptic Orthodox Church Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services.

They do a wide range of community development work and work with people with disabilities.

Who benefits?: 

Marginalised, economically deprived communities across Egypt with special support for people with disabilities.


BLESS help communities to become self-reliant, making sure that any development is sustainable. They encourage local people to participate in developing their community and to make the best use of local resources.

A new project 'I can have a vision' supported by Embrace is disability-focused. BLESS works with local churches and organisations to improve access to education, health care and life-skills classes for people with disabilities. 

They also run sustainable agriculture projects, improving the standard of living for poor families as well as nurseries and clubs for children and a range of literacy projects.