Aviv Ministry

Where are they?: 

Tel Aviv, Israel

What do they do?: 

Aviv Ministry has been working in south Tel Aviv since 2005, helping rough sleepers, addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes return to normal life and to their families. They provide a drop-in centre that meets their guests basic needs like food, clothes and first aid, as well as helping guests make informed decisions about starting rehabilitation.

Who benefits?: 

Approximately 20-30 people, native Israelis and migrants, use the centre each day. Most of the drop-in guests sleep rough or in very poor quality shelters and receive no government support. Many addicts end up on the street when they’ve reached their lowest point in life, and the drop-in centre can sometimes be a lifesaver.


The drop-in centre is open seven days a week and provides food, clothing, and first aid (when qualified volunteers are present). Aviv also conducts outreach in the community to meet beneficiaries and invite them to the centre. Many of the staff and volunteers are recovered addicts themselves. The centre addresses immediate physical needs as well as supporting guests to make informed decisions about starting a recovery programme at a rehab centre.