Al-Kafaàt Foundation

Two people enjoying activities at Al-Kafaat
Where are they?: 


What do they do?: 

Enable both disabled and disadvantaged Lebanese people to contribute to society, focusing on their capabilities through a variety of health and education programmes.

Who benefits?: 

Lebanese children and adults with a range of phyiscal and learning disabilities.


Al-Kafaàt serves around 900 people and operates across seven separate sites in Beirut.

Embrace supports Al-Kafaàt to provide rehabilitation, special education and sheltered employment workshops to children and adults with differing levels of physical and learning abilities, giving them the opportunity for greater independence and dignity in their daily lives.

In addition, the Notre Dame School of Al-Kafaàt is a place where children with disabilities can learn alongside able children from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Lily Shwayri Centre offers programmes and medical services for people with disabilities, including a school for children with cerebral palsy and an Early Intervention Unit.

  • Our Lady’s Hall is a school where children with disabilities learn alongside children from mainstream schools.

  • Myriam Centre provides a specialised programme for children with learning difficulties, including Down’s syndrome.

  • The Village Young people and adults with learning difficulties or physical disabilities can move here and are offered sheltered employment in areas such as paper recycling, sewing, pottery, wood carving, cheese production and hairdressing.

  • Beit el Adra Home offers boarding facilities for up to 450 residents. The Centre’s medical team and outpatients’ clinic is also based there.