Al Ahli Arab Hospital

Family at Al Ahli receiving a food parcel
Where are they?: 

Gaza City

What do they do?: 

Provide high quality medical care to a community in great need.

Who benefits?: 

Adults and children who would otherwise have no access to healthcare.


The hospital is a highly respected health care provider serving a particularly vulnerable commnity where there are huge health needs. Infant mortality rates are rising. 80% of Gazans rely on humanitarian assistance including food aid.

Hospital services

  • All the usual departments you would expect to find in a hospital, for both in and outpatients.
  • Embrace funds projects ensuring 1000s of children and adults receive treatment for conditions including diabetes, malnutrition, anaemia, hypertension and a range of other diseases.
  • We also support capacity building projects to ensure their projects run effectively and efficiently. Trained staff will identify people most in need and ensure they get the life-changing treatment and support they so desperately need.
  • Health education programmes for the community to raise public awareness of disease and to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Medical mission

Al Ahli organises monthly Medical Missions. Buses travel out to the villages and refugee camps in the Gaza Strip and bring families back to the hospital in Gaza City. There they receive a full day of support from the hospital. They will be assessed and given treatment as needed as well as medicines and food supplements to take home with them. They also get a hot meal before being taken back to their home.  For just £12, you can help fund a Medical missions.

We have created a short video about Al Ahli Hospital, with Suhaila Tarazi, the Hospital Director, talking about some of the activities of the hospital. Watch it now!