Olive Tree Project

The Olive Tree Project

The olive tree is a universal symbol of peace and a powerful symbol of Palestinian rootedness in their land.

But in the political turmoil of the Middle East today, trees that have survived hundreds of years have become casualties in the struggle for the control of the land. 

Olive trees are also a major source of income for Palestinians for centuries, with trees covering over 50% of agricultural land.

The olive and olive oil industry supports the livelihoods of around 100,000 Palestinian families.

Since the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967 - See more at: http://www.embraceme.org/olive-tree-project#sthash.M7LqHhpF.dpuf

Since the Israeli occupation of the West Bank began in 1967, Palestinian farmers have lost hundreds of thousands of olive trees.

Trees planted and cared for by generations of the same family have been destroyed or uprooted as Israeli settlers seek to claim Palestinian land as their own.

Through an initiative called 'Keep Hope Alive', we partner with East Jerusalem YMCA and YMCA to plant saplings in Palestinian-owned areas that are at risk of confiscation.

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