Embrace launches appeal for emergency medical kits


For longer than 19-year-old Abu can remember, there has been conflict. Abu has never known a time when his family were not living in fear in their home country of Sudan.

Abu felt he had little choice but to look elsewhere for safety for himself and his mother and escape the conflict in Sudan.

Crossing the border into Egypt in search of safety, Abu and his mother was fraught with danger. And by the time they made it into Egypt, Abu was getting weaker.

Abu is a hopeful young man who wanted to be the one to look after his aging mother, but he was wasting away. Abu had tuberculosis.

Even when they arrived in Egypt, things were far from easy. Many people arriving in Egypt looking for sanctuary from war and conflict are never officially recognised or given refugee status. This means that they have limited access to help.

Abu and his mother left their home with little more than what they could carry. Abu was so weak he could not walk or talk. Abu’s mother had little money for medicine, and without refugee status, they were not able to get any help.

But there is hope.

Our Christian partners in Egypt run a medical facility for people like Abu who have nowhere to turn. It is a lifeline for people like Abu.

However, more refugees arrive every day, many are weak and have TB like Abu, or HIV and need immediate medication attention. The knowledge and skills are there to treat patients like Abu, but the medications are running low. This is where you can help.

A medical kit costs £26.10 and would provide care and an emergency food parcel to someone just like Abu.

His TB is so bad that his body is shutting down. His need is great, but Abu is one of many people in need and supplies are critically low.

Without help from the medical team in Egypt, Abu would have nowhere to turn. Abu is getting weaker and his mother is desperate. Can you help by giving a medical kit?

The kit costs just £26.10, however whatever you can give will go towards helping someone like Abu whose life is at risk in Egypt and across the Middle East.

Please, click here to give what you can today. Thank you.