Embrace launches urgent appeal: searching for hope in Aleppo

It has been nearly eight years since the beginning of the conflict in Syria and in that time homes, families and livelihoods have been torn apart.

The conflict has taken the lives of thousands, and left those who have survived incredibly vulnerable.

We meet many people through our Christian partners on the ground in Syria, and they each have a different – and often harrowing – story to tell. The bombs may have stopped dropping but little has changed for the innocent people trying to survive in terrible conditions. Life in Aleppo is particularly hard. With years of conflict on their doorstep and a shortage of food, water and medical care, those trying to survive in Aleppo face a daily struggle.

There are thought to be just 36 doctors left in Aleppo.

This once-thriving city – and a historic centre of Christianity - is in a state of turmoil and it is the vulnerable that suffer.

The doctors and medical staff that have remained are face shortages of even the most basic medical supplies.

Our medical partners on the ground in Syria met 22-year-old Amina when she was fighting for her life. When a missile struck her home she took a direct hit. Amina’s neighbours pulled her out of the rubble barely breathing. They brought her to our partner medical facility where she received urgent medical care. Without it, she certainly would not have survived. Amina’s jaw, skull and face had been awfully damaged.

Amina’s life hung in the balance for weeks. It is a true blessing that she made it through.

Even for those who fled of Syria face huge problems. Mothers, fathers and children have escaped to countries such as Lebanon, but even then small infections can become face life-threatening illnesses due to shortages of basic healthcare.

The state in Aleppo is critical: the war has destroyed most of the hospitals and other health facilities. But they need help: there are simply not enough supplies for the number of people needing urgent medical care.

You can help by providing medical supplies through our partners both in Syria and elsewhere across the Middle East.

£25 will provide care for two people and could include:

Without urgent care, Amina would almost certainly have died.

Please, give today - any gift you can give is gratefully received.

You can help someone just like Amina today by providing a gift of medical supplies.

Thank you.