Embrace Prayer Diary available online


Circumstances change rapidly in the Middle East and our Christian partners can find themselves facing almost overwhelming challenges.

Yet they continue their mission to serve the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in their communities.

To know that people many miles away are praying for them is a huge encouragement and one that upholds their faith during difficult times.

In this booklet, you’ll find the prayer requests we’ll be focusing on each week from February – July 2019.

Here at the Embrace office, our weekly staff prayer meeting follows the diary too – it’s wonderful to know that you are praying alongside us!

We encourage you to share these prayer requests with your friends and church family – either by reproducing the text in your parish newsletter or giving out copies, which we can send you free of charge.

To order some extras, please phone us on 01494 897950, you can download it from our Prayer page, or get in touch and we can send you a copy by email or post.

Thank you for joining us in prayer – our Christian partners in the Middle East find strength and inspiration in your support.

Wishing you many blessings, The Embrace Prayer Team