Customer services week: Meet the team

Meet Joanna

Did you know it is Customer Service Week this week?

My name is Jo and Embrace’s Supporter Care Team manager. This week, we’ll introduce you to the rest of the team.

Whether you want to tell us you have moved house, need extra copies of our magazine or Bethlehem carol sheets, want to make a donation to support people in the Middle East, let us know you are praying for our work or just fancy a chat, then chances are you’ve spoken to one of our amazing Supporter Care Team.

We think they’re amazing and want to celebrate and thank them for how dedicated they are in making sure every one of our supporters is taken care of.

You can read my blog which tells you a little more about what we do and why your support of Embrace is so important…Please do get involved –we’d love to hear from you.


Meet Sam

My name is Sam and I one of the team of Supporter Care Administrators. I have been at Embrace for a year. I answer letters, phone calls and emails that come in from our supporters and process their donations. My favourite part of my job is seeing our supporter’s generosity as they respond to our appeals – I process lots of your donations when they reach us at Head Office.  I would like really to say thank you, so much, for your generosity.


Meet Lorna

My name is Lorna and I am a Supporter Care Administrator and the longest-serving member of the team….I have been with Embrace since 1999! I count myself very fortunate to be in this job. It has definitely been a case of one door closing and another opening.

I love working in the team, talking to supporters – my job is varied, every day is different. I open the post, talk to our regular givers, send out Harvest resource packs and other church resources, answer the phones and respond to emails and much more!

I so enjoy chatting to our supporters. A woman told me a very funny rhyme while we were chatting. I can’t remember all of it, but it was a hoot. She had been very ill, but despite that she was bubbly and she was a delight!

I would love to say thank you to our supporters - which never seems enough! Your words of encouragement helps us just as much as your donations, it’s good to hear what you think.


Meet Heather

I’m Heather and I am a Supporter Care Administrator. I’ve been here since January 2017 so I’m the newest member of the team.

I enjoy sorting and processing all the generous donations sent in by supporters and knowing that by doing this really important job I’m helping Embrace’s work.

One of my favourite moments was recently, a lovely woman made a beautiful blanket and wanted to see how we could use it to raise funds. It must have taken a long time for her to make it and it was lovely that she was willing to donate it to us. She is going to sell it at a local shop and donate the proceeds to Embrace!

And I just wanted to add, the Widow’s mite is often on my mind….although we obviously want to raise as much as we can as the need is so great, we’d never want anyone to feel pressured and that what they give is unimportant, we really do appreciate every gift given from the heart. We are grateful for all your gifts, whatever the amount, it all adds up.  To know that people are praying too and taking an active interest in our charity is very encouraging.


Meet Catherine

I’m Catherine and I am a Supporter Care Data Administrator. I’ve been at Embrace since October 2015. As well dealing with supporter enquiries and gifts, I am responsible for trying to keep our database as up to date as possible. At this time of year I am also busy making sure that the orders and donations from our wonderful Christmas catalogue all get recorded correctly against supporters’ records.

This summer I have loved the prayers cards that we included in our summer appeal for vulnerable girls. The amazing prayers, comments and even drawings were inspiring to read and gave such a great insight into the incredible connection our supporters have to our partners’ work in the Middle East.

We have a wonderful supporter called Margaret, who for many years has been making cards and knitting animal toys to sell in her community. The animals come in all shapes and sizes, from festive sheep, to ducks and even an octopus! She always calls us to donate the profit from her sales and everyone in Supporter Care has had absolutely lovely conversations with her.

I’d love to say a massive thank you - without our supporters we wouldn’t be able to anything! Everyone who supports Embrace, either through a regular commitment, occasional donations, buying through our catalogue and online shop and supporting us and out partners in prayer is helping them achieve so much as they transform lives across the Middle East.

And finally, I’d like to say, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want any extra information or resources from us. Not only would we love to help you out but it is wonderful hearing the amazing ways that people and churches raise money for Embrace. From murder mystery evenings to live nativity productions and even jumping out of a plane thousands of feet up in the air (with a parachute thankfully) the possibilities are endless!


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