Christmas and the secret of peace

Father Raed Abusahlia, General Director at Caritas Jerusalem, sent us this Christmas message and we wanted to share it with you.
More than 2000 years ago on the day of Christmas the angels sang 'Glory in Heaven and peace on Earth' yet this land where Christ was born never has known peace. This is a mystery! The two questions we constantly ask ourselves are: Why don’t we have peace? When will we have peace? I will answer these questions with the following story.
In the Gospel we read about three wise men who travelled a great distance from the East to present the young Christ child with gifts: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh – which are the symbols of His Divinity, His Priesthood and His Sufferance.
In the Jubilee of the year 2000, I heard that the UN sent three modern wise men to Bethlehem and in Manger Square they met St Joseph and told him that they had come with gifts - three gifts that hold the Secrets of Peace and the Keys to Peace. Therefore, he led them to the grotto to offer Jesus their three gifts.
The first wise man was from the World Bank. He opened his bag and offered the Lord money and gold proclaiming: “Money gives You power to build, start many projects, end poverty and unemployment, which will lead to prosperity and peace.”
The second wise man was from the UNDP. He opened his bag and offered Him science and technology saying: “Technology will modernize the country, end illiteracy and ignorance. You will compete with first world countries and have everlasting peace.”
The third wise man was from the UNESCO and he was a philosopher. He opened his bag and offered him a huge book entitled 'The Philosophy of Myrrh' and told Him: “In this book you can find theories, history, religions, cultures, methodologies… This will lead you to real interfaith, intercultural dialogue and eradicate fanaticism, end wars and the occupation, and you will have peace.”
But St Joseph was not satisfied with the gifts nor convinced of their 'Secrets of Peace' for they forgot that the newborn is the Prince of Peace.
Dear friends, God is the solution. He is our Creator and Father. We are His sons and daughters - all of us are brothers and sisters:
Then he will judge between the nations and arbitrate between many peoples. They will hammer their swords into ploughshares and their spears into sickles. Nation will not lift sword against nation, no longer will they learn how to make war. (Isaiah 2:4)
Thus all the secrets of peace of these three modern wise men will vanish, because:
Money and power without love and justice will lead to destruction not peace.
Science and technology without conscience and respect will lead to corruption not peace.
Religion and wisdom without faith and truth will lead to intolerance not peace.
This is the true meaning of Christmas. God loves us so much that He became one with us and is in our midst. He is the Prince of Peace therefore there is no excuse for war; this land should become an oasis of peace instead of dispute, as we read: "The fruit of Justice will be peace and my people will dwell in the beauty of peace" (Isaiah 32: 17-18). He is the reason of the season; He is the secret of Peace.

Happy Christmas from all of us at Embrace the Middle East.