Urgent medical care appeal for children in Gaza launches today

In July, the Israel Defence Force has carried out its biggest attack against targets in Gaza since the war in 2014. Children are once again among the victims.

The attacks have, briefly, put Gaza back in the spotlight. And UN warned that medical services in Gaza are on the verge of a shutdown.

When the media attention goes away the daily struggle to bring healthcare to the children of Gaza will continue.

That is why we have launched an appeal to bring urgent medical care to children and families in Gaza. Children like Yusef...

Yusef cries constantly. He’s trying to swallow but his throat is badly swollen. He has a high fever. His little body is covered in an angry rash which throbs.

Yusef, 4, lives in Gaza, part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It is closed off to the outside world and things are falling apart.

Yusef’s village is little more than a rubble road – a desperately poor neighbourhood. His extended family of eleven people live in a one room dwelling.

They have no kitchen or gas, they cook outside on an open fire. There is no running water. No government services. There’s not enough food.

Lack of medical facilities and care turns even a minor illness into a dangerous situation.

The tonsillitis and scabies attacking little Yusef’s body are both treatable. But the closure of Gaza has created a scarcity of drugs and medical care. So Yusef and others like him suffer.

The situation in Gaza is heartbreaking. And worsening. This latest bombing will not improve the situation.

Poverty makes it almost impossible for people to get adequate medical treatment. Electricity is only available for 3 hours a day. Tap water is contaminated with sewage. People are not allowed to leave Gaza to find work.

Think how it must feel for families like Yusef’s. Locked in, unable to function normally and powerless to help themselves. So they rely on help from people like you.

We need to help them urgently. Please reach out to them today by sending a gift.

Right now in Gaza, we are working with Al Ahli Hospital to give children and families the medical care they urgently need. It is a Christian-run hospital. They take in casulaties from the ongoing conflict, treat the wounded and support them as they go back to their lives.

They also provide free medical missions for the most vulnerable. The team takes a bus to the most difficult to reach parts of Gaza, collecting those who need medical care and takes them to the hospital. After being welcomed and triaged, they receive treatment, a nutritious meal, medications and supplements. Then the bus takes them home again.

This service is absolutely vital. It is a lifeline for children like Yusef. His mother Imaan says: 'I cannot go to any other clinic, I have no money – without Al Ahli, no treatment.'

By giving a gift and showing your kindness today, you will be helping the team at Al Ahli respons whenever they need to, as well as providing the ongoing support that is vitally needed. And you'll be sending a message of hope.

Urgent Medical Appeal for Gaza

Your support can save lives. Please give today. Thank you.