"The Stars of Al-Kafaàt" triumph over hardship in Lebanon


 Al-Kafaàt offers rehabilitation and education to children and adults living in Lebanon with disabilities; whilst Embrace provides them with as much financial support as we can, they rely heavily on subsidies from the government.

As economic hardship in Lebanon has worsened these payments were increasingly delayed.

Sadly, at the beginning of 2019 Al-Kafaàt  had no choice but to close down some of their residential and day care centres, and by November that year, Al-Kafaàt were forced to close down their centres completely.

Many of the Al-Kafaàt beneficiaries (some with quite severe disabilities) have been actively campaigning – several on national television talk shows – for the Ministry to deliver the due payments.

These “Stars of Al-Kafaàt” shed a light on both the issues and impact of the Lebanese crisis, as well as promoting a message of inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities in Lebanon.

Thankfully, in January Al-Kafaàt received some of the payments they were owed from 2019, meaning they were able to reopen the majorty of their centres.

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