A refuge for women on International Women’s Day


It is International Women’s Day so we’re highlighting some of the many ways in which our partners use your gifts to uphold the fundamental rights of women and girls.

This includes how you’ve helped start a women’s refuge for those fleeing from domestic abuse in Egypt.

We can’t tell you everything about our partners’ refuge for women. It’s in a secret location in an Egyptian city and looks like an ordinary apartment.

No one must know where it is, because the women who live there have escaped violence.

The refuge was established by a woman who felt a calling from God. She approached Embrace’s local partners for help opening the refuge and because of you, they were able to say yes. Women now have a place to live safely. As they heal, they can also catch up on their schooling which helps them support themselves in the future.

Mona, 20, was just a child when she suffered physical and emotional abuse.

She and her siblings lived with their father in a tin shack and had to work as rubbish collectors. Mona’s father arranged for her to be married when she was very young, but she realised she was pregnant as a result of rape.

When her new husband found out, he beat her and threw her onto the street. She never saw her baby son; as soon as he was born, the family took him and gave him away. It is hard to imagine hope entering such a heart-breaking situation.

But in the depths of Mona’s despair, our partners are helping her rebuild her life. A local church leader arranged for her to get to the refuge. There she experienced compassion and understanding and has begun to heal.

‘In the refuge I started a new life,’ Mona says. ‘I was born again. I learnt reading, writing and cooking, and I learnt to read a few verses from the Bible which make me delighted. I stopped weeping for my past. I am now happy and accept myself.’

Your donations are building refuge and renewal for those who have experienced the darkest of times. To support this vital work buy our Women’s Refuge Alternative Gift. For just £26 you provide the place in the shelter for one woman for one month. And you get a card, with Mona’s story, to keep or pass on to a loved one as a thoughtful present.

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We have also dedicated the latest edition of our supporter magazine to our Christian partners’ fight for gender equality. Read the stories of more women and girls helped by your support. View the magazine online now, or perhaps you’d like to sign up to receive the magazine (it’s free and issued four times a year).