Prayers for Gaza for churches

As promised, we have created prayers for you to share and use in your intercessions at church regarding the situation in Gaza.

Thank you for holding this heart-breaking situation in your prayers.

Click here to download printable PDF.

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A written prayer to use in your intercessions:

Leader: God of all comfort, we bring before you all who were caught up in the horror of this week’s violence in Gaza; the thousands still recovering from injury and trauma; the thousands more mourning the unrecoverable loss of sibling, parent, friend or child; and the millions living in Palestine, Israel and around the world still reeling from the devastating events of the last few days.

All: God of all comfort, draw close to everyone who is grieving.

Leader: God of all healing, we pray for your blessing on all who are seeking to bring physical or emotional care to those directly affected. Most especially we bring before you Embrace’s precious partners working on the ground in Gaza; particularly asking for your wisdom, compassion and sustaining love to support the medical staff working long shifts in the specially extended emergency wing of Al Ahli Hospital. Speed your help to them as they treat those with serious wounds and complex injuries; and uphold them as they counsel and support children who have been bereaved.

All: God of all healing, strengthen everyone providing medical care.

Leader: God of all true reconciliation, we dare to continue to pray for your peace and justice to prevail over violence and oppression in Palestine and Israel; in the coming days and in the long term.

We ask for hope for those who are feeling absolutely desperate in Gaza today;
for every precious life to be protected;
for an end to all violence, fear and abuse of power;
and for the international laws that protect life to be adhered to and enforced.

We long for a just and fair way forward so all peoples can genuinely flourish in these lands and continue to pray for this vision to become reality. And we ask too that you would help us remain faithful in prayer, and consistent in calling our world’s leaders to account, until it does.

All: God of all true reconciliation, lead us to just and lasting peace.


Parallel, summary prayer points for use in personal or corporate prayer:

Please join us in:

  • praying for comfort for all affected by the violence in Gaza, most especially those who have been injured, traumatised or bereaved
  • lifting up Embrace’s partners on the ground in Gaza and all who are seeking to help those who have been injured and bereaved, especially Al Ahli hospital – whose medical staff are working extended shifts to support an extended emergency wing to treat people with serious injuries and who are supporting traumatised children who have lost friends and family with counselling and psycho-social support.
  • interceding for an end to violence; adherence and enforcement of international law that seeks to protect civilians; and a true and lasting way forward for a just peace that enables both Palestinians and Israelis to thrive in freedom.


Click here to see our call to action for Gaza, including a letter to send to your MP and details on hw to give for Gaza.