Pray for Syria: Seventh anniversary of start of conflict

The war in Syria reaches another heart-breaking milestone this week. On Thursday 15 March, the conflict will have been devastating communities for seven years.

Seven years of fighting that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and led to over 11 million people fleeing their homes. Over five and a half million refugees are seeking safety in neighbouring countries, like Lebanon where healthcare and education systems are failing under the pressure.

Because of you, our Christian partners have provided humanitarian relief to Syrian refugees and people across the region affected by the conflict.

One constant in this upheaval and turmoil is our Christian partners' faith in God’s healing and transformational love. It is a source of inspiration and strength for our partners to know people are praying with them and for them and the people they sacrificially serve.

So, please would you join us this Thursday 15 March at 9am when we will be pausing in our daily tasks, to pray.

Please join us in praying for

  • A swift end and just resolution to the conflict in Syria
  • For healing and hope for every child, woman and man affected by the war
  • For our Christian partners across the region working tirelessly as they not only help those people most in need, but as they themselves face the challenges of living amid conflict, poverty and injustice

Here is a new prayer, written for this anniversary.

God of the weak,
defender of the powerless,
who weeps with the women,
whose children are no more,
protect the people of Syria this day.

Lord of hope and new beginnings bring;
    your peace in this time of violence,
    your comfort to those in anguish,
    your respite from fear.

Until that time
when all hatred and anger will evaporate
and our weapons will rust with irrelevance.



We have also created seven go-deeper prayer points. Download them here.

You are welcome to use and share all these prayers in personal prayer and in your Church or small groups.

Thank you.