Newborn babies need your help: Embrace launches Christmas appeal

A tiny bundle wrapped in a dirty rag; the way the young woman cradled it you could tell the contents were precious.

Nakira, a young refugee from Nigeria, walked into the clinic in Cairo. Unable to speak Arabic, her pleading eyes told the staff she needed their help.

The bundle in her arms was her newborn son – delivered by Nakira on her own and carried through the streets in her arms to the safety of the clinic.

The doctors gently took baby Amani from Nakira’s arms to give him the care he so desperately needed.

Nakira and her husband were forced to flee their homeland, Nigeria. So, they began the seemingly endless journey over the Sahara to relative safety in Egypt. Heavily pregnant Nakira struggled with the journey but knew completing it was the only way to save herself and her unborn child.

Now refugees in Egypt, a country with so many troubles of its own, Nakira and her husband tried to make the best of things. 

Her husband was out looking for work when Nakira went into labour and she had no way of reaching him.

Nakira had to give birth alone, even cutting the cord and tying it with a piece of rope she found. She had nothing to wrap her child in but a rag.

And yet Nakira was lucky. She didn’t have any complications during birth and found her way to a clinic where the staff could care for her son. The arduous journey across the desert, the lack of food and water for his mum and an unsupervised birth meant little Amani desperately needed care and treatment to survive and thrive.

That is why Embrace the Middle East is working with our Christian partners in Egypt to provide Baby Survival packages for mums like Nakira.

A Baby Survival package helps mothers and babies to survive and thrive. It contains medicines and supplies needed for a new baby – a warm blanket for example. It also ensures there will be hospital and clinic visits, it can cover the cost of giving birth in Egypt, where healthcare isn’t free, and follow up care.

Families with new babies will receive nutritious food parcels of oil, lentils, date biscuits, rice, peanut butter and cheese – all good for building up mum so she can feed her child.

For a mother like Nakira, alone, hungry and without even a warm blanket to wrap around her little son, a Baby Survival package is the most wonderful gift.

Can you imagine the joy a mother would feel on receiving a package with all she needs to care for her newborn?

Make a Baby Survival package the best gift you can give. £80 could provide the whole package, but any amount could contribute to a Baby Survival package so please, simply give what you can.

Your love and kindness will help give a mother and newborn baby a wonderful start in life. Thank you.

Click here to give a Baby Survival package today.