Moving to the margins: Embrace launch Lent resources

God's big story has always been about love-inspired movement towards the marginalised, to bring them hope and transformation.

We have created a range of resources to help you explore throughout Lent how we can be part of that movement in the Middle East today.

We would like to invite you to learn more with our Lent Study Guide: Moving to the Margins.

The guide, written by Liz Baddaley (who also wrote our wonderful Advent reflections, enjoyed by so many of you) has six inspiring sessions. Each contains a Bible study, prayer and information and are ideal to be used by individuals, in small groups or as a resource church services each week throughout Lent.

The guide is available as a free download or you can visit our online shop and buy printed copies (just £1.50 each or £6 for six).

You can also download a range of free resources including graces, prayers and creative ideas, also written by Liz. We’ve also produced recipes and placemats for traditional Middle Eastern Lent lunches which you could use to run events to raise funds for our work.

This Lent, join God’s love-inspired movement and let us embrace those on the margins in the Middle East.

Mohammed, 19 from Gaza at his vocational training workshop.People like Mohammed, right, who is 19 and lives in Gaza. He encourages his friends not to give up even though they can't see a future for themselves:

‘I tell them to join the vocational project and get trained. It’s given me the chance of a future.’

His story of transformation is featured in the study guide - read how his life has been changed because of your support.

Read Mohammed's story.