Don’t let sickness steal Mandisa's future

In one of the many slum areas of Egypt lives a 5-year-old girl called Mandisa and her family. She lives in a part of Alexandria where many people live in poverty.

Mandisa’s parents moved here in hope of a better life, but they have struggled to find regular work. Times have been hard, but this family tries to keep their spirits up and do what they can to get by.

Egypt is believed to have 850,000 people living in slums. They are dangerous for many reasons, but the very real danger facing Mandisa right now is that she has an infestation of parasitic intestinal worms.

Worms can cause malnutrition, anaemia, swollen stomach and constant diarrhoea. Mandisa has all of these symptoms and she is in constant pain.

In places where there is little access to adequate medical care, children are particularly susceptible to all sorts of dangerous diseases and worms are rife.

There have been promises of better housing for the 210,000 families living in these difficult conditions, but right now most people are still living with virtually no sanitation. Diseases and malnutrition caused by worms are a continual problem for such vulnerable families.

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Right now our partner, a medical centre who works on the ground in Egypt is able to treat children like Mandisa. And give the care that her parents would otherwise be unable to afford. Not only that, the medical staff ensure that children and families receive a nutritious meal as well as the medical treatment, ensuring they are on the best road to recovery.

The need is great
There are many children just like Mandisa. All Mandisa’s mother wants for her is to have a happy and healthy life, and to get a better education than she did to secure her future. But without something as simple as de-worming treatment, Mandisa is excluded from school.

The worms are robbing her tiny body of all its goodness and energy. She is sore all over. Everything hurts.

The infestation has left Mandisa weak and vulnerable to other diseases. She is much too ill to go to school, and her infestation would put other children at risk. Sadly, Mandisa is not alone: far too many children are in Mandisa’s situation and are prevented from going to school due to worms

Help get Mandisa back to school
With help from people like you, we can ensure that no family is turned away from the medical centre. It costs £19 to treat a child, like Mandisa with de-worming medication and provide a nutritious meal for her family.

A gift of £19 can help Mandisa back to school.

You can ensure that a child, like Mandisa is not kept away from school due to sickness, and regains the strength to study again. A brighter future for a child, like Mandisa depends on something as simple as treatment for worms.

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