Making smiles for children with disabilities


On the outskirts of Cairo, the Shams el Birr centre provides children and adults with disabilities the opportunity of an education and the chance to lead independent lives.

With your help, Shams el Birr was recently able to buy a new dentist chair. Dentists often refuse to treat people with disability and this, coupled with the fact some people with disabilities often are uncomfortable being examined, means that they can struggle to keep their teeth clean.

Many children also suffer poor health due to problems with their teeth, like Panya, who broke her upper teeth as a small child and as a consequence had difficulty chewing. This had a damaging effect on her health and her happiness.

Dental treatment offered at the centre means she can now eat more easily and is a happier, often smiling and laughing.

As is Asim who was so self-conscious of his damaged teeth he rarely opened his mouth. The damage also meant he had difficulty making some sounds which affected his speech. Now that he has visited the dentist he is much happier to be examined; his speech is improving and he is much more confident.

Shams el Birr is a home to children with disabilities and so much more. Adults with disabilities come to the centre to learn skills like carpentry and weaving and children receive rehabilitation, medical care and educational support, with the aim of getting them into mainstream schools or schools delivering special education. The care and dedication of the staff at Shams el Birr benefits hundreds of people with disabilities each year.

We would like to thank you for all your support you show for people with disabilities in the Middle East.

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