Making the government listen in Lebanon


Early detection of hearing problems is vital for children’s progress.

Our partners at the Learning Centre for the Deaf (LCD) are leading the way so that all deaf children in Lebanon get the support they need, which they currently do not.

This means being persistent in lobbying the government to recognise the issue on a national scale.

The centre’s Early Intervention Programme produces amazing results building children’s communication skills. Four-year-old Rashad has profound hearing loss but because he is from a Syrian refugee family, he is not eligible for help under the Lebanese health system.

Thanks to your support, he is receiving speech and language therapy and learning sign language at the LCD.

Other children should have the same treatment and support – but many, including refugees and Lebanese children, are struggling because their hearing problems go unrecognised.

The LCD pressed the Lebanese Ministry of Health until they launched a national awareness campaign about the importance of early detection of hearing loss. The LCD discovered, however, that some hospitals, due to lack of awareness, still weren’t carrying out screening, which meant children were still slipping through the net.

To tackle this, they persuaded the Ministry to include early intervention training so nurses, midwives and paediatricians are able to identify and diagnose hearing loss.

Our partners encounter obstacles and setbacks as they strive to change society’s approach to deaf people, but with your support, and their strong faith, they persevere until they get results.