Legacy Gifts: 'Someone cares for me!'

‘I am sick, having rheumatoid arthritis, said Amisi, a 59-year-old widow who makes around £35 a month from selling vegetables. ‘My medications cost is very expensive. Sometimes I have extra problems; like now I have [a] cough and fever. I need to see a doctor and get treatment. I am too weak to travel and reach a hospital. I cannot afford to see a private doctor.’

Rural Egypt is a difficult place to be sick; it’s dusty, arid and hot, and has poor medical facilities. Many people cannot read or write and infant mortality is high. There is limited access to safe drinking water, and large numbers of children don’t get enough to eat.

According to one report*, half of the people in rural, southern Egypt live in poverty. Even where medical facilities exist, many people struggle to afford the basic healthcare that we take for granted in the UK.

Yet for Amisi and many others who can’t afford treatment, there is hope.

Our partners at the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) provide mobile clinics to neglected, poverty-stricken areas that have no suitable health services of their own. Thanks to Embrace supporters who have generously remembered us in their wills, we can help the CMF continue to reach these forgotten communities.

The mobile clinics go out twice a month and usually see about 200 patients a day. They provide medical screening tests, free/subsidised medicines, health awareness classes, dental procedures, ultrasound scans and dental hygiene kits (which include toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss) for the children, which are very popular!

Each clinic requires 10 -12 doctors per visit, all of whom voluntarily give their time and expertise. Sometimes the communities or local doctors ask them to come to their area and CMF members make the link. Many of the patients seen by the team would otherwise not be able to get any treatment for their conditions and would have to endure their suffering without help.

We asked Amisi how the mobile clinic has helped her. She told us: ‘Doctors examined me, made tests and gave me treatment. It reduced the burden of my sickness and lack of money. They were kind to comfort me as well. I felt that there is someone [who] cares for me though they did not know me before.’ She ended by exclaiming, ’God is good!’

Legacy gifts make this kind of change possible – for individuals, families and whole communities.

We are delighted to have joined with local partners to provide such practical help to people in desperate circumstances; people who are often anxious and despairing. And we are so grateful to all of our supporters who prayerfully consider including us in their will. Together we can change lives for God’s glory.

Thanks to Legacy gifts left in wills we are able to support these mobile medical clinics, and help people like Amisi to get the treatment they need.

To find out how you can leave us a gift in your will visit our Legacy pages where you can request our Legacy pack. If you would prefer to talk to someone you can call our Legacy Officer, Charlotte, on 01494 897950 or email legacy@embraceme.org – thank you!


*Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics

This article first appeared in our Embrace magazine Autumn 2017.