Iraq appeal: Hand-outs not wanted


It has been five years since ISIS took over the town of Teleskuf in Northern Iraq. When ISIS arrived, they brought devastation with them.

Homes were destroyed, nobody was safe, many fled and where there had once been a thriving Christian community, in what seemed like the blinking of an eye, it was gone.

Embrace has now started working in Iraq. As you can imagine, the fighting has made it so difficult for help to get to those who need it. But now – thanks to our Christian partners on the ground – we are now able to help those in need in Iraq too.

In Teleskuf, we have met families returning to their hometown to find that little remains of what was once there. This was the case with JoJo, a cobbler from Teleskuf, when he returned to try to rebuild his life. JoJo has a wife and children but like so many, he ran as fast as he could as soon as ISIS arrived. His number one priority was keeping his family safe. Now that he has returned, he wants to start again. But he is starting with nothing.

People like JoJo don’t want hand-outs, they need a hand up. JoJo needs support in getting his business started again. Simple things we take for granted, such as mobile phones, are vital to start a business, but JoJo cannot afford the calls. But you can change this. Thanks to our partners on the ground - you can provide a Business Starter Pack to someone rebuilding their life again.

A Business Starter Pack gives someone like JoJo a helping hand. It’s a helping hand that will secure a future for JoJo and his wife, and will ensure that his children can go back to school. It helps today, but it builds a future.

Here’s an example of the Business Starter Pack:

  • You could help a person like JoJo get access to job skills classes
  • Give them advice on budgeting and the ability to buy equipment/goods
  • Help them to pay phone bills while they get going
  • Fuel to travel
  • Help to buy and sell as they re-start their livelihoods

It’s real, practical help. Can you buy a Business Starter Pack for someone like JoJo? Together, we can rebuild whole communities. By helping JoJo restart his cobbler business, you’re providing a future for his whole family.

It’s not about giving a handout, it’s a chance for someone who has been left with nothing to start again.

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