Appeal: urgent healthcare needed in Gaza


The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting hard all across the world. 

Whilst we in the UK struggle to make sense of the new reality we find ourselves in, Embrace partners running health services in Gaza — working tirelessly to help families who already only have limited access to health and social services — are struggling to deal with the additional hardships brought about by this virus.
Let me tell you about Maryam. This young girl’s story is an example of how essential
the medical providers we support are. They urgently need us to keep sending the lifechanging funds they rely on.
Maryam is sick and was brought by her mother to a clinic where the doctor could
help. Now, with the lockdown, that journey is much harder — people are fearful and travel is restricted. But the essential, life-saving medical work of clinics like this one needs to go on.
It is an honour for all of us to be able to support our Christian brothers and sisters in
the lands of the Bible. We work to help them provide safe environments where healthcare and security can be found.
But we can’t continue to do this without donations from incredible supporters like you.
Maryam’s mother is just one of many who rely on our partners to bring them
reassurance and the essential medical care their children so desperately need. We know that everyone is feeling the current uncertainty but, for communities who lack access to basic sanitation and healthcare, the impact of Coronavirus has the potential to be catastrophic.
That’s why we’re asking in this urgent situation: please do all that you can to help
save lives.
Today, £22 from you will help to provide urgent basic healthcare to one family in Gaza.
Your gift of £22, or more if you can manage it, will enable essential clinics to keep
running, and ensure that children, like Maryam, can receive the healthcare support they need.

Please give what you can today.