Embrace team take leap of faith!

On June 6, an intrepid team of Embrace staff, Nigel, Sarah, Amanda and Charlotte, will be throwing themselves out of a perfectly good plane to raise money for Embrace and to hopefully inspire some of you, our wonderful supporters, to do the same.

‘If I can raise some money to help some of the people most in need in the Middle East by doing something crazy like jumping out of a plane, why wouldn’t I?’ said Sarah, Embrace’s Executive Secretary.

‘Our Christian partners in the Middle East really are the really inspirational people, but they need our financial support to carry out their life-changing projects.

‘So I’m really excited to be raising money for Embrace…but can’t quite believe I’m going to jump out of plane from 10,000 feet!’

If you’d like to sponsor Sarah, Charlotte, Nigel and Amanda, you can at JustGiving: Click here to sponsor the Embrace team.

Parachuting is a truly unforgettable experience and is a fantastic and inspiring way to raise funds for our work. If you’d like to Embrace the Challenge and do your own skydive for Embrace you can. Find out more on our Fundraising pages.