Embrace statement on Gaza

As an organisation supporting health care in Gaza our partners have already been involved in responding to the ongoing crisis and offering medical care to victims of shooting. We know they will continue to respond with dedication and commitment.

In light of the events of 14 May on the Gaza border Nigel Varndell, Director of Fundraising and Marketing said:

‘Last week in Gaza I heard first-hand the fears of Palestinians ahead of today’s protests. All of their worst fears have now been fulfilled.

‘I would encourage all of our supporters to join us in prayer for the families whose lives have been devastated today.’

Dr Bernard Sabella the Executive Secretary of the Department for Service to Palestinian Refugees added:

‘The solidarity of international faith based partners and organisations is much appreciated. In the weeks and months ahead of us more of this solidarity is needed.

‘Your solidarity with our Palestinian people and the Peoples of the Middle East would continue to give us hope that one day we will see freedom, justice and genuine peace.’

A prayer for the situation

Come, Lord Jesus, end this horror.
Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come.
As we are watching the headlines from Gaza
unfold before us in desperation
we don’t have any words
to pray coherent prayers today.

From deep in our spirits
all we can voice are heart-cries of pain,
longing for the violence to stop;
aching for no more lives
bearing your precious image to be taken here;
despairing that children are already among the dead.

Come, Lord Jesus, end this horror.
Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come.
Wrap your presence around those
whose whole word has been shattered;
and shatter the plans of any in our world
who seek escalation, rather than peace.


Prayer by Liz Baddaley