Embrace responds to President Trump's announcement on Jerusalem

Following President Trump’s announcement last week that the United States would unilaterally, and with immediate effect, recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - ignoring advice from across the international community against this course of action - now more than ever is a time to ‘pray for the peace of Jerusalem’.

Many of Embrace the Middle East’s partners, all of them serving vulnerable and marginalised communities in the region, have expressed their disappointment at the President’s announcement.

Dr Bernard Sabella, from Embrace partner the Department of Services for Palestinian Refugees, shared with us: ‘President Trump’s decision does not make sense. It simply does not add up. It further drags us all down into the abyss of a hopeless future with no peace prospects on the horizon.’ 

That sentiment was echoed by Church leaders in Jerusalem in their open letter to the President. They warned that such a step risked doing ‘irreparable harm’ and if taken would certainly: ‘…yield increased hatred, conflict, violence and suffering in the Holy Land, moving farther from the goal of unity and deeper towards destructive division.’ Sadly that prediction already appears prophetic.

At Embrace the Middle East we are deeply concerned that the President’s departure from long established consensus, and agreed international policy, will further damage our partners’ diminishing hopes that progress towards peace can be made in the current context. President Trump’s decision fails to recognise the competing claims on Jerusalem made by both Palestinians and Israelis, claims which the international community has long agreed can only be addressed as part of a final and comprehensive peace deal. To say nothing of the profound sensitivities the holy sites in Jerusalem evoke in the hearts of Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.

It is telling that most in the international community have not seen fit to follow the US lead.


Please join us in continuing to pray for a just peace that recognises the legitimate aspirations of all of the people of Jerusalem and of the Holy Land.

Please also pray for the safety of our Christian partners, especially those who work to bring peace.

We pray that men and women of peace will be raised up so that meaningful talks to bring an end to fifty years of occupation will be possible between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.


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The statements from the Middle East Council of Churches and the Leaders of Churches in Jerusalem can be found here: