Embrace launches emergency winter appeal for refugees in Lebanon

Sabir is a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon. His family left Palestine many years ago and fled to Syria where they were able to find work, a home and build a life. Most importantly, they found relative peace.

Sabir grew up. He met his wife and started a family. With his job in an oil and gas plant, Sabir was able to provide for his wife and three children. Despite the pain of being far from their homeland, they were happy.

That was until the shelling began.

Bombs began falling on their village. Sabir and his family saw more and more homes destroyed. They knew they were no longer safe and it was only a matter of time before their home could be hit.

One day, as they felt their house shake from the force of the missiles falling all around, Sabir and his family rushed from their home to run for their lives.

As they ran Sabir realised one of his young daughters was not with them. Telling his wife to flee, Sabir turned back to their home calling his daughters’ name. 

Sabir gathered her in his arms and ran.

The missile that destroyed their home threw Sabir off his feet and left him bleeding and dazed – but alive. He and his family fled and didn’t look back.

They arrived, terrified and shocked, in Lebanon, where, because they are not officially citizens of any state, they have few rights. They are ‘double refugees’.  First, they were forced to leave their homes in Palestine and settle in Syria.

Now, forced to run for their lives from the conflict in Syria, they've landed in Lebanon, where legally they cannot work. This leaves them highly vulnerable. They can’t work and earn money, they are trapped in poverty.

They found some kind of shelter among other refugees but overcrowding, makeshift housing and poor sanitation mean disease spreads quickly. The very young and the very old are living in constant risk of becoming seriously ill. Now that winter has arrived, matters are only made worse.

And this is where you can make a difference.

The long winter in the Lebanon can be harsh and unrelenting, especially when you have been placed in a dwelling that provides no protection. There are months of freezing cold and damp conditions.  This cold causes illness and, in the worse cases, can kill.

Everyone is eking out an existence. Most refugees have already used whatever savings they had and desperately need help to provide for their families. People are begging for scraps of food in order to survive. They cannot afford fuel so burn plastic and clothes to keep warm.

Sabir and his family’s dwelling in the camp is little more than a shell. There are no doors nor windows. The cold biting air chills them, wind and rain driving into every corner. The roof leaks. They have no bathroom, hot water or electricity. They are safe from bombs in the camp but the dangers of cold and disease are very real. Their daily life is one of suffering.

As a Palestinian Syrian refugee Sabir cannot get work. And without your help little will change.  They are damaged by their experience and by the deprivation of their surroundings. They have no means of supporting or protecting themselves.

We need to help them urgently!

Our Christian partners, Habitat for Humanity Lebanon, are just one of the many local charities that works with refugees in the Middle East. They help provide habitable homes to protect families from the cruel winter and keep Syrian Palestinian refugees safe.

By giving today you can provide warm decent shelter for a Syrian Palestinian today!

Habitat for Humanity Lebanon are on the ground and working on much needed repairs and renovations. But they need your help if they are to meet the growing demand for shelter.

Please give generously – together, we can save lives!

Thank you for your generous support.

Click here to give today.



Photo credit: David Johansen. A Palestinian Syrian refugee who is living in Lebanon.