Embrace launches Christmas appeal: Life-saving care for children in the Holy Land


Tucked down a side street, only a little way away from the busy main road lives a family of 16 in one small dwelling. One of the youngest of the family is Mahmoud, a little boy of just 18 months.

On the roads just near where Mahmoud and his family live, bullet holes can be seen in the walls and doors. They live in Gaza, where over 2 million people live, crammed together with little access to clean water or sanitation. In Mahmoud’s house, there is one toilet for all 15 people.

Children are increasingly vulnerable in Gaza as there is little available medical care. Essential medicines and supplies do not make it in due to the blockade. There is much poverty, but even those who do have a bit of money to pay for treatment may not find any available.

Mahmoud’s mother is desperate and gives him all she can, but he is still undernourished.

The lack of food means he is weak and unable to fight infections. So many children like Mahmoud are anaemic and are unable to fight off common childhood diseases. 

But there is a glimmer of hope.

Our Christian partners run a hospital and Well-baby clinic, which provides a safety net for children like Mahmoud.

This Christmas, we are asking for your help. Our Christian partners provides an incredible service in difficult circumstances but the need is great indeed. It can seem overwhelming. If you would like to give a gift this advent to help support the Well Baby clinic, you can give a gift on our dedicated giving page and help provide much needed supplies and nourishment for children living in Gaza.

Together, we can help more children like Mahmoud this Christmas.

A gift of £25 from you today could be life-saving.

£25 would provide screening, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Could you give £25 to our Christmas appeal and help a child like Mahmoud?

Whatever you can afford is hugely appreciated. Your gift will make an important difference to Mahmoud and his mother.

Thank you.

Embrace launches Christmas appeal: Life-saving care for children in the Holy Land