Embrace launches appeal for young refugee girls at risk

Years of conflict in the Middle East have resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe. War has meant millions of families have been forced to leave their countries, homes and often everything they own. Safe from the dangers of bombs and bullets, they nevertheless face danger in the form of poverty and abuse.

Suraya was just 5 when her family fled their home with nothing but the clothes on their backs. In the four years they have been living as refugees, Suraya has had no chance to go to school.

She is growing up in Lebanon now, displaced, in poverty and, without education, facing a very bleak future.

Lebanon is a tiny country where now almost one in four people are refugees. Jobs are hard to come by and refugee families are faced with stark choices when it comes to their survival. The extreme poverty many of them live in means their daughters may become bargaining chips for family survival. Sadly, it often comes down to agreeing to an early marriage or, if there is no suitor, sending young girls out on the streets to sell goods.

The dangers for these girls, girls like Suraya, is enormous and very real. Delinquency, child labour and prostitution are some of the threats.

Beit el Nour is a Christian education centre in Beirut where vulnerable girls and their families can find support. The centre provides a safe place for these young girls and helps ensure they have a good chance in life by the services they provide. Girls aged 7-18 and their families find a safe place to learn and receive counselling as well as hot meals, medical support and clothing.

Their educational services, like homework and school support, are a priority for these girls. Those fortunate enough to attend school have a quiet and supportive environment for study and homework. The centre also provides tuition for girls who are out of school. Girls like Suraya can go to Beit el Nour (meaning House of Light and Hope) and learn English, Maths and Arabic – essentials studies to help them in their lives.

Beit el Nour serves vulnerable Lebanese people and Syrian refugee families through rehabilitation work, the provision of medical aid and educational support, counselling and shelter for exploited minors and the homeless.

Please pray for the work they do and for an end to destructive conflict in the Middle East.

And please, give today to help provide for young refugee girls, like Suraya.

A gift of just £24 will help a refugee girl escape a life of hopelessness, danger and harm.

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