Embrace launches appeal for children in Gaza


Hidden amongst the tombstones in a graveyard in Gaza City you will find a hut occupied by a little boy called Nasim and his family.

This makeshift home has no electricity, no sanitation or running water, and yet 20 people are crammed in. They all live there because they cannot afford anywhere else.

These conditions, together with a shortage of food and safe drinking water has left little Nasim in a terrible state. His body is weak and open to infections that his small frame doesn’t have the strength to fight off.

Nasim is only four years old and he has known no different life. He understands that he shouldn’t feel this way, but life has been so hard for people in Gaza for such a long time, resources are dwindling.

Nasim lives in Gaza, which has been behind a blockade for over a decade.

The blockade, and cuts to aid, have left Gaza in economic ruin. Less than half the people have any income at all. And they have almost no access to health or social services, hardly any drinkable water – and only get a few hours of electricity a day.

Nasim has only ever known this life. He has no understanding about the fighting and blockade. But he knows the way he lives isn’t right; he knows he shouldn’t be sick all the time.

There is little that his family can do, because even if they had money for medication, there are limited supplies.

This situation is all too common for children living in poverty. In the graveyard where Nasim and his family live there are 50 other families trying to survive. It is easy to see how infections can spread and cause suffering to the most vulnerable people.

Nasim needs medical attention, however his family simply do not have the money to find help.

But there is hope.

Your donation will make it possible for our Christian partners to run their medical mission project. They run a free medical mission, taking by bus those who need medical care to their hospital for assessment, all kinds of urgent treatment and a nutritious meal.

This is such a vital ministry, but without you it won’t be possible. And, if that happens, things look bleak for children like Nasim and their families.

But our Christian partners can provide medical care, including hot meals, for a whole family like Nasim’s for just £22.

They rely on donations to ensure they can provide the care that children and families need, but cannot afford.

You can help today. By giving a gift of £22 you will be providing a medical care and nutrition to a family like Nasim’s.

Please, click here to giveThank you.