Embrace calls for action on Gaza

It is not possible to witness the horror of innocent protesters, including children, being shot, killed or maimed by trained snipers without a profound sense of shock and disbelief. It is not credible, or frankly human, to justify the disproportionate, lethal and indiscriminate use by the Israeli military of live fire on Monday that left 58 dead and more than two thousand injured, many with life changing injuries.

Yesterday’s events mark a new low in a long and profoundly dispiriting cycle of violence and contempt for human life that is becoming the shameful hallmark of Israel’s treatment of the people of Gaza, supported implicitly by some in the international community.

Enough is enough; the killing must stop. Respect for human life must be restored.

The international community, including the UK and the United States, must now insist that yesterday’s events are thoroughly investigated in accordance with international laws, and by an appropriate independent authority, under the auspices of the UN. What otherwise is the point or the justification of claiming the privilege of permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council? 

To the extent that Hamas or any another organisation is actively seeking the ends witnessed yesterday, they too stand condemned. However no amount of pointing the finger at Hamas can explain how and why innocent children have been shot hundreds of yards from the heavily fortified fence dividing Israel from Gaza. The responsibility for that lies squarely with the government of Israel, and it must be held to account for any breaches of international law.

Embrace the Middle East’s commitment to working with Christian partners in Gaza to relieve the extensive and daily suffering of a people under siege will remain undaunted.

We are deeply grateful to our supporters who steadfastly support that work. We encourage you to pray for everyone touched by the tragedy that is unfolding, including those whose judgement or conscience is troubled by actions they might rather not carry out. We pray for peace, for a restoration of humanity, for the suffering, the injured, the bereaved and the scared.

And we pray for those on both sides, all sides, who are moved to plead with those who have it in their power to stop the killing and build a future in which they would want their own children to grow up,  to start to do exactly that.

Here are three things you can do today.

  1. Pray for Gaza. We have written a special prayer for you to use and share. It is below. We will be sending you a prayer for churches to use later in the week.
  2. Write to your MP. We have created a template letter for you to use. Click here for the template letter.
  3. We know some our of supporters may want to give to our ongoing appeal to support our Christian partners and their vital work in Gaza. You can give via our website, or call on 01494 897950.

A prayer for Gaza

Come, Lord Jesus, end this horror.
Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come.
As we are watching the headlines from Gaza
unfold before us in desperation
we don’t have any words
to pray coherent prayers today.

From deep in our spirits
all we can voice are heart-cries of pain,
longing for the violence to stop;
aching for no more lives
bearing your precious image to be taken here;
despairing that children are already among the dead.

Come, Lord Jesus, end this horror.
Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come.
Wrap your presence around those
whose whole word has been shattered;
and shatter the plans of any in our world
who seek escalation, rather than peace.