Christ's love in action: a Lent message

We received this Lent message from one of our partners, Caritas Jerusalem, together with this reflection from one of their volunteers:
'The morning prayers on Sunday 15 February included the following prayer of intercession: "Help us on this day of rest to see goodness in all your creatures: open our eyes and our hearts to your love in the world." This led me to reflect on where, in recent days in Gaza, I saw goodness in creatures and Christ’s love in action.
'I encountered Christ suffering in destitute families with combined economic, physical and mental health problems and in the anguish of an older woman who lost six members of her family in the war. The woman’s home came under fire and the occupants tried to escape in a car but the engine stalled. They got out and the engine started, and all except the woman herself got back into the car. In panic they drove off without her, the car was hit, and they all died while she was left. She cried all the time I was with her and I have no words to describe her pain. I was visiting her home with Caritas psychologists who invited orphaned children, for whom she now cares, to attend the programme for traumatised children 6 – 12 years old.
Caritas minibus visits ruined district in Gaza'In Sawarha, central Gaza, where Caritas has run a mobile clinic for several years, a community worker told me that when the neighbourhood of Shejaiya was destroyed during the recent war thousands of people fled to Sawarha. Families took them in but struggled to cope with such numbers until Caritas gave them hygiene kits and food baskets. The woman told me, unasked, that Caritas was the only organisation that came to their immediate assistance and that the people still talk about it and appreciate what Caritas did for them. Sawarha is a very poor area and I wondered how many of us in so-called developed countries would take into our homes a sudden influx of destitute, frightened, hungry people.'
Where do YOU see goodness in creatures and Christ’s love in action? May the love of our Lord be with you this Lent and always!