Changing lives: Amazing testimony from Dad of refugee girls!

We just received this wonderful testimony from our partner in Lebanon who run the project at the heart of our current appeal for at-risk refugee girls

A worker at the project emailled us to say:

A Syrian father just dropped in to the centre to fill out application forms so his four young daughters could continue to attend the centre next term for the after school club and recreational activities.

The girls’ mum also attends the awareness sessions that they offer to the parents of vulnerable refugee girls.

Dad said to us: ‘Before we used to hurry into finding a husband for our young daughters, but today we understood that we were wrong.

‘I believe that the girls are still young and they should focus on education and activities that will help them in the future. Early marriage is a disaster!

‘I am happy to find a place at the centre so my daughters can pursue their dreams and can accomplish something important in life.”

Our partners said ‘This testimony was so spontaneous and real it left us speechless. We’re so pleased to be able to share this story showing that the awareness sessions really work!’

How amazing!

You can give to our appeal, supporting projects like this one right now!

And you can watch our film about the project on YouTube.

Thank you.