Appeal: Safe Spaces for Syrian Children

The sun is setting on another day in Syria. The temperature outside has been gradually warming up and it may even reach 15 degrees Celsius in Damascus tomorrow. With the passage of time, there are reasons to be hopeful, but for children like 5-year-old Ghina, there is still so much pain to cope with. Ghina has experienced more terror than a child her age ever should have to. Her mother holds her close when she screams in fear.

The conflict in Syria may effectively be over, but the scars will remain for many years to come. For children who have known nothing but violence and the threat of war, they do not understand how to be children. Many live with haunting fears caused by the memories of horrors that they have witnessed. Ghina is one such child. When she was a baby, Ghina’s father was killed by a bomb. Ever since that day loud noises have terrified her.

Syria is a dangerous place for children. Life in such a volatile environment means that many children are living in continual state of fear. They have only ever known conflict and violence in their lives.  Children are vulnerable amongst all the uncertainty. Many families are still living in camps and makeshift or unsafe structures. Children miss out on education and as families struggle to survive, child labour is increasingly common.

Girls are at risk of sexual abuse, abduction, trafficking and exploitation. This is particularly true for children that have become separated from their families. These children need special care and protection, but are sometimes forced into the armed forces at a very young age.

After what they have witnessed, it is not surprising that many children do not know what it is like to be a child, to play and to have fun. This is why we are working with centres on the ground in Syria to provide a safe space and as well as the trauma counselling that children like Ghina urgently need. To provide this vital care, funds are needed to ensure that children like Ghina receive the specialist treatment they need to deal with their fears.

For £27 you can provide a safe space and special care for a child in Syria.

It is vital that these children are given the chance to experience safety and receive help overcome their emotional wounds. Our centres provide direct support for these vulnerable children. It is a place where they are safe to be themselves through play, songs, and crafts.

You can give a gift today to provide specialist trauma counselling to a child in Syria to help them to face the future without fear. Please give what you can.

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