Legacy Charter

Embrace the Middle East's Legacy Charter

Thank you for considering leaving a legacy to Embrace the Middle East. We are enormously grateful for your interest in and support of our work.

This is our commitment to you.



We will always respect your privacy, because we appreciate that your will is a personal matter.


Family first

We recognise that your family and loved ones rightly come first, and we would never expect to be remembered in your will ahead of them.


Your choice

We value all the gifts we receive, but are especially appreciative when the gift is for our general purposes, which allows us to respond to changing needs and use the gift where the need is greatest. However, if you have a particular interest in leaving a gift for our health, education or community development work please do get in touch to discuss your intentions. This will ensure the gift can be used for our work as desired and won’t fail (for example if we are no longer supporting particular work).


We will be good stewards

We commit to handling your gift efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every penny is made to count, and that the money is spent wisely in the areas where it will have the greatest impact.


Staying connected

We will provide the opportunity for you to be connected with the work you have pledged to support through your legacy, via regular publications, mailings, online updates and occasional events. This will enable you to have a real relationship with Embrace and our Middle East partners.


You can change your mind

We fully acknowledge your right to change your mind at any time about leaving a legacy gift to Embrace.


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