Give stamps

In 2019, our wonderful Stamp Fellowship raised over £8,000! Hopefully in 2020, with your help, it will be even more!

What is the Stamp Fellowship? 

When British servicemen were stationed in Jerusalem during the Second World War, they became aware of a home for blind girls in Bethlehem. They found the home was in dire need, and during their time there the soldiers dedicated many hours to fixing up the home and providing much needed supplies. After the war ended, one of the servicemen, Sergeant Robert Clothier, decided he wanted to do more.

He held a meeting with the men with whom he had been stationed to come up with ideas as to how they could raise further funds. It was then that one Eric Peacock suddenly announced he would sell foreign stamps to raise funds. Although not a stamp expert himself, he set to work gathering foreign stamps to sell on to collectors- and thus the Fellowship began.

In its first year, the Fellowship raised just £10- but steadily it grew. Since Eric's death in 1988, volunteers have helped continue his legacy- and in 2019, more than £8,000 was raised!

What stamps can I send?

You can send us any stamps, but we'd particularly like:

  • Whole collections, albums, and accumulations
  • First day covers and whole envelopes with older stamps
  • All overseas stamps
  • British commemoratives, regionals & high value stamps
  • All British definitive stamps


How does it raise money?

Our dedicated team of Stamp Fellowship volunteers sell your used stamps and postcards to dealers and collectors. This money is then used to help poor and marginalised communities in the Middle East. 

If you're a stamp collector, please consider buying from the Embrace Stamp Fellowship. We will pass on any queries to our team of volunteers, who can supply approval books, with stamps priced individually or by set, and also packets of stamps for one theme or country – all good quality and value! 

Why not encourage your friends, church, school or community group to start saving stamps for Embrace?

How should I send them?

  • It is better for stamps to be left on their backing and not be soaked off.
  • Please send them to us at: Stamp Fellowship, Embrace the Middle East, 24 London Road West, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP7 0EZ. (Please ensure when posting your gift to us that it is weighed and the correct postage is paid, otherwise we will have to pay a surcharge!)

If you have any queries, please contact us.