Funeral collection

We are here to support you however you choose to give in memory of someone special. Collecting donations at a funeral is a lovely and meaningful way to pay tribute to your loved one.

We have a couple of suggestions below to help you organise a collection at a funeral or around the celebration of a life – please get in touch if you need any help.

Create an online Memorial Tribute

Collect donations at a funeral

If you’d like to collect money online so you don't have to deal with a collection on the day of a funeral, you can create a free online Memorial Tribute, or ask the funeral director to do so on your behalf.

Memorial Tributes are a simple way to collect money online.

They can also be an in-depth space to share memories of your loved one with others. It gives people the option of giving money in lieu of flowers, or a direct donation to Embrace. It provides the opportunity to share more personal memories and photos.

You can use it as a home for stories, photos and videos and it can stay online for as short or as long a time as you wish.

Many people choose this option as it also allows anyone who can’t be with you on the day to make a donation and share messages of remembrance and condolence.

You can add a link to your Memorial Tribute on the order of service, so that family members and friends can easily find it.

It is a meaningful and poignant space that you can keep visiting for years to come.

If you'd like to take a collection on the day of a funeral, there are many ways to donate.

To make taking a collection easy, we can send you Gift Aid envelopes that family and friends can use to make donations.

When all donations have been received at Embrace, we can let you know the total amount raised in memory of your loved one.


Other ways to donate

You can make a single gift or fundraise in a variety of ways including Challenge events, or make a regular gift to mark an important date.

Bereavement support

Cruse Bereavement Care is able to offer support and lend a listening ear when you experience grief, or need support when you lose a loved one. Information for bereaved family and friends can be found on their website: Cruse Bereavement Care

Need help?

To speak to someone about how to give in memory of a loved one our Legacy Manager Charlotte will be pleased to get in touch: